What I Learned in Ireland: How you define a beautiful day may just define your life

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“It’s a beautiful day. Don’t let it get away.” – U2

What is your definition of a beautiful day?

Beautiful weather is often the first thing that comes to my mind when defining a beautiful day. I just came back from Ireland, where this belief was challenged: there were certainly sunny days, but also many rainy, misty, and dreary ones. (I believe that’s why it’s so green – the constant dampness in the air!)

What I learned is that many of the Irish folk I met defined a beautiful day not by the weather, but by the company they keep, the stories and family history they keep alive in their hearts, and the passion they have for the land and sea.

U2’s “Beautiful Day” is the only Irish song to make Rolling Stone’s top 100 songs of the century. Perhaps it’s because people can relate to the song’s story of finding the joy, beauty and good in life in the face of hardship and difficult circumstances.

On our vacation, my husband and I took a small fishing boat, operated by Joe the Fisherman, to a small 10-person island off the coast of Cork called Long Island (photo above). No pubs, restaurants, stores or tv – just several houses, sheep, cows, a few donkeys and our B&B (https://www.castawayeast.com/). As the slow rain came down into the open boat (and soaked my luggage – ha), Joe exclaimed, “What a beautiful day!”

That was not my first thought, but Joe had a totally different perspective. He didn’t accept money for the ride, only a “tip” for a pint he’d enjoy later!

When the sun is not shining on the outside, I invite you to look inside yourself for that ray of warmth and happiness.

Oftentimes it is the way we view our experiences that causes the angst within us. As I mention in my keynote, having a negative attitude makes it difficult to live a positive life.

When you don’t see the beauty outside of you, find it inside – because it’s a beautiful day, and you don’t want to let it get away, no matter your circumstances.  Take a listen: https://bit.ly/2wbCu9q

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