“Thanks so much for being the Keynote Speaker at our Team Day event.  You were a breath of fresh air in a stale climate! (Thank you Covid!) We needed your enthusiasm, words of wisdom, advice, and passion. Our office had become stagnant, and you helped to “supercharge” us!!! As you know the audience was 50/50 – males to females. It was interesting to get their reactions – 100% had positive feedback! Everyone took away something good to use in their arsenal. Our office now seems more normal, energized, and eager to step out of their comfort zone and move forward. This is a win-win situation for all of us! Again, thank you for being the catalyst to bringing out the “Inner Superstars” of our company!!!”

– Rob Copenharve, Vice President, Lankford Construction Company

“Lynn is absolutely amazing! After three years of COVID lockdown, we were finally able to hold our annual, in-person training workshop, bringing all of our national property management teams to one location. Lynn was the main speaker, and she didn’t disappoint. Her message of personal growth really resonated with our group and the uniquely entertaining way in which she presented it was priceless. Afterwards and throughout the rest of the day and evening, several in attendance expressed their enjoyment and appreciation for her presentation. She is someone I would highly recommend for your next event.”

– James Losik, Vice President, Draper & Kramer

“Lynn O’Dowd provided an energetic and engaging program for our attendees. Her unique combination of music, motivation, and crowd participation was just what we needed to energize our attendees as we concluded our conference! We had a line of attendees wanting pictures with her at the conclusion. Definitely a conference favorite.”

– Kim Bohannon, Chief Innovation Officer, The Association of Tennessee Credit Unions

“On behalf of the Nebraska Bankers Association and the attendees of the 2018 Women in Banking Conference, we’d like to thank you for your outstanding presentation and performance this past week. You were the perfect send off for this year’s conference and the bankers seemed to enjoy the opportunity to get their photos taken with Lady Gaga! It was a pleasure for us to have you on one of our programs and we enjoyed the opportunity to work with you. Thank you and we look forward to possibly working with you in the future!”

– Ron Arrigo, NBA Executive Vice President, Tammy Stanley, NBA Senior Education Manager

“Teachers found your performance refreshing and unique and different than other motivational speakers that we have had before. Incorporating music was definitely a game changer. Your energy was contagious and uplifted everyone in the room. Your performance definitely resonated with our group and made a lasting impression!”

– Jena Armouti, Outreach Coordinator, Horizon Science Academy McKinley Park

“Thank you TONS for gracing our stage! The feedback was wonderful!!! Keep shining your light and serving the world. Forever a fan!”

– Christie Ruffino, Meeting Planner, Results 360 Business Summit

“I thought Lynn was great. The message was inspiring, One of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. Fantastic!”

– Lori McCaffrey, Director of Enterprise Sales, Comcast Business

“Oh My GOODNESS! You are FABULOUS! I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome you are! Between the inspirational stories, quotes, songs, humor, and message (and the BOOTS!) – I am blown away! AND the end . . . HOLY COW! Personally, as I’m consistently growing my business and my personal strengths. . . these two quotes hit me HARD today! “I thought asking for help meant you were weak” & “when you follow your BLISS, doors will open you didn’t even know existed” Thank you for sharing!”

– Lisa Crilley Mallis, Impactive Strategies

“I can totally relate to her content, it was uplifting, it was moving, I loved how she incorporated the music. Great speaker, everyone needs to see her.”

– Cindy Thomas Nassar, Chief Process Excellence Officer, Evite

“What was exciting about it was to see how Lynn took the music, the singing, and the message and brought it together in such a way that it was easy to follow and was a very poinant message. It wasn’t something to view lightly.”

– Joe Brinckeroff, Trainer, Business & Sales Coach, Sales Organization/Dale Carnege

“I was laughing, it was heartfelt, It was awesome, It was entertaining, it’s something that everybody thinks but doesn’t necessarily want to admit. And it was very inspiring.”

– Donna Stanislawski, Senior Manager, Perinatal Care Program, Family Health Network

“I was so blessed to be able to see your performance at Unity. You’re amazing! I know our volunteers would love your story, your message, the upbeat music, your passion and enthusiasm!”

– Karen Graehme Hall, Glen Ellyn Historical Society

“Your presentation is engaging, inspiring and delightful in every way!”

– Kurt Condra, Unity on the Northshore Minister

“I thought it was really inspiring to watch her. She talked about how she had felt so much anxiety on getting on stage and how you can overcome your fears . I think that’s really valuable and it really inspired me and brought me to a lot of questions I have in my own life.”

– Kelsey-Ann O’Dowd, Event Planner, Actress, Writer, Nanny

“Thank you so much for your wonderful gift today. You were simply amazing! So inspirational . . . so authentic . . . such a blessing! And, what a thrill to witness your Superstardom!”

– Tom Richards, Author of “The Healing Power of Awareness”