Want Less Stress and More Energy? Say Thank You

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This is the month of Thanks-Giving – so, who have you thanked lately?

I’m thankful for my husband, family and friends,

I’m thankful for my clients,

and I’m thankful I still fit in my Gaga costume (at least until Thursday)!

Giving thanks to others benefits the recipient of the good wishes, of course, but it also benefits the giver by manifesting more reasons to be thankful. The obvious benefit is that saying “thank you” leads to better relationships and promotes personal bonding. But there’s more to it: Research shows that gratitude has many health benefits as well: less stress, more energy, lower blood pressure, and a stronger immune system, to name a few. It can even slow down aging. Now that’s something to be grateful for!

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Are you booking speakers for your group or meeting? After not singing for 35 years, – in a moment of madness – I answered an ad to be a singer in a Rock’n’Roll band… and got the gig. I share my story about how stepping out of my comfort zone and getting a little outrageous has changed my life.

I want everyone I reach to experience the same transformation through the “GoGaGaTM” process I’ve developed to help attendees Unleash THEIR “Inner Superstar” and realize that it’s never too late to bust through their fears to perform at levels they never thought possible. My talk takes people from “I can’t” to “I can” in 45 to 60 minutes – with my special brand of entertainment with a message. Click here to download my speaker one-sheet, and book me for your next event.

Take advantage of this highly-entertaining and inspiring keynote performance to:

 * Inject fun, humor and musical entertainment into your conference or meeting while delivering a high level of content.
 * Inspire your audience to overcome fear, step outside of their comfort zone, and perform at levels they never thought possible.
 * Re-energize your team members, so that they leave your event ready to go after their biggest goals and achieve extraordinary success for themselves and your organization.
 * Help women feel ready and motivated to play a bigger game, and take on greater leadership roles.
 * Elevate the energy of the room at the opening or closing of your event.
 * Leave your audience singing, laughing and buzzing long after your event is over.

 * Opening & Closing Keynotes
 * Women Leadership & Empowerment Conferences
 * Women In Banking & Insurance Conferences
 * Spousal Programs
 * Performance Improvement Conferences & Summits
 * Personal Development Conferences
 * Professional Development & In-Service Training Days
 * Direct Selling & Sales Meetings
 * Annual Conferences & Meetings
 * HR & Diversity Conferences
 * Recognition & Awards Galas

 What type of conferences has Lynn spoken at?
 Motivational Speaker Chicago and numerous other cities
 Motivational Leadership Speaker Chicago and numerous other cities
 Inspirational Sales Conference Speaker Chicago
 Humorous Motivational Speaker
Corporate Team Building Sales and Leadership Conference Speaker
 Women’s Leadership Events
 Women’s Special Events
 Spousal programs and galas
 Financial Services Motivational and Entertaining
 Care Givers Entertaining
 Healthcare Associations
 Corporate Team Building and Motivation
 Motivational Speaker to Associations
 Fun, Musical, Entertaining, Humorous Motivational Speaker
 Fun, Musical, Entertaining, Humorous Motivational Speaker Chicago
 Humorous Motivational Speaker
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 Motivational Speaker Chicago
 Humorous Speaker Illinois
 Humorous Speaker Chicago