Super Stuck to SuperStar

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Super Stuck to SuperStar

To live the life of your dreams, oftentimes, the first step is to go from being super stuck before you can express the Superstar inside of you. We all have had the feeling of being stuck at some point in our lives. The everyday busyness of our lives doesn’t help; day in, day out, same ole, same ole. I liken it to the same song playing in our head over and over; same tune, same lyrics, same old ideas and oftentimes, the same limitations.

I didn’t start out feeling like I was stuck. I just thought I was comfortable. As time went on, it became uncomfortable because I knew I could be more, and I couldn’t shake the uninspired feeling. Do not mistake comfort for happiness.

Getting “Unstuck” is an Inner Game

Being stuck is not about what’s happening to us. It’s an inner issue. I learned this lesson the hard way, and it took many years. I often blamed my “stuckness” on a job, lack of money, time or resources, and let’s not forget my husband – an easy target to blame! I changed some of these outside influences; I changed jobs, careers, income, and even tried to change my husband’s actions by always telling him what to do. That didn’t go so well! I felt better for a while, but the reality was I was still singing the same ole song, just at a different venue. My mentor summed it up nicely – “When we think we have limits, we sometimes create them.”

So, the first step was to “Recognize the change needing to happen within me.” I realized that if I wanted to “have the time of my life,” I was going to have to make some changes inside of me. This was the best thing that could have happened to me, although it didn’t feel like it at the time. This introspection allowed me to examine my priorities, values, heart-centered issues and ultimately opened a door for a change in perspective on my part.

Sometimes Your “Stuck Point” Comes Before Your Turning Point

Of course, the next question…“What and how to change.” I had no idea what or how to change. I did know that doing the same thing was only going to give me the same result. So, I started by doing something different. To clarify, I chose something different that I knew I would enjoy. I started singing again! 35 Years ago, I stopped singing when I finished school. I figured it wasn’t going to get me ahead in life or make me more successful, so I stopped singing! Doing something different, outside of your normal routine, allows you to view your life and the world in a completely new way. In order to get started, you don’t have to know where you are headed. New experiences allow you to experiment with what makes you happy!

Looking back, I realized that sometimes your stuck point comes right before your turning point; and that turning point can give you the time of your life!