You’ll never reach the goal in shallow waters: Here’s how to jump off the deep end

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“I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in. I’ll never meet the ground”
Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – from A Star is Born

Are you willing to make the dive? When you decide to go into the deep end, and make the real commitment to go after that goal, dream, relationship, you are “far from the shallow.” Until you have mentally made the commitment, your chance of success diminishes. Stepping into the unknown is never easy. There is always an inner voice telling you to hold back from your dream or goal, to hesitate before diving into the deep end.

My close friend made the commitment in 2018 to lose weight. She has set this goal for herself many times, but was never able to reach her ideal weight. How did she lose 50 pounds last year and keep it off? She changed her mindset! She made the commitment to herself to eat healthy and it was non-negotiable. She was in the deep, far from the shallow, so she had to sink or swim. She had been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and her husband had a near death cancer scare. They both decided on a lifestyle change to eat healthier.

Sometimes, it takes major life traumas to change our mindset. And it also helps to have an accountability partner to see us through the difficult times when we waver on our commitment.

That was the formula for my friend’s success. As I say in my keynote, I can easily change my clothes, I can easily change my hair color, but changing my old ways is not so easy. That’s human nature. Most of us don’t want to change the things we’re comfortable with unless we have to.

I found that “have to” in the first lines of this song: “Tell me something girl, are you happy in this modern world. Or do you need more? Is there something else you’re searching for?” As much as we like the comforts of our lives, we must each decide for ourselves if we will move out of our comfort zone and move our life forward.

Life is about growing, not staying the same. Will you take the deep dive? Your new mindset might be just one Oscar winning song away: Take a listen to

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