The Secret Gifts for Success

Lynn O'Dowd GoGaGa News

Recognize Your Gifts

To step out of your comfort zone and risk new levels of passion, performance and courage, the first step in my GaGa formula is that you must recognize all your gifts. The first “G” in GaGa stands for “Gifts;” these are the God-given natural talents you have had inside of you since you were born. What many people may not realize is that all of the gifts and talents you need to succeed are INSIDE OF YOU! They are unique to you, so no one can express them the way you can.

However, we often spend our entire lives with our gifts hidden, under-utilized or fighting against them. And until we recognize and utilize all our gifts, it can be difficult to truly achieve the success, happiness and fulfillment we desire. To realize your full potential, you must tap into all of your gifts.

Comparisons Are Not Allowed

Do you ever compare your talents to other’s talents? I always thought that I had one main “gift,” which is what I have been doing for the last 35 years; a time management/organizing expert. Truth be told, I often felt that I was jipped because I felt like I really only had one gift. Sure, I was ok at other things, but organizing and time management was what I excelled in easily. I never took time to pursue, develop or cultivate any of the talents that I found myself to be ‘ok’ at executing.  I compared myself to others who were more successful using the ‘ok’ gifts and knew I would never be that good. I also made the wrong assumption that these gifts that I didn’t fully develop would not earn me money or make me more successful. So, why even try? I couldn’t have been more wrong.

All Gifts Great and Small

The gift that I had “hidden,” ignored and fought against (I call this “the trifecta.”) was performing. I did not think I was good enough. I really believed “I’ll never be a rockstar performer, so why bother?”

My lack of confidence was nurtured when, as a child, I was called a show off by both family and friends. Unfortunately, the context was in the negative connotation of a performer. Little did I know that all of us need to show off our talents; some on a big stage; some on a small stage; and some back stage. Sometimes we resist our gifts out of fear, and  sometimes, the talent we desire to develop seems too difficult or we’re too uninformed.

What I didn’t realize is that it’s the combination of all our talents – great and small – that make up the whole of us. When we embrace our whole being and know who we truly our, it gives us fulfillment,  it empowers us, and provides the feeling of completeness. When we know this, we are able to take this personal power to every part of your business and your life.

Your Gifts are for You and All the Lives You Touch.

Another important lesson I’ve come to realize is that our gifts are not just about us. They are about all the lives we touch. Others need our natural born abilities to organize, woodwork, manage, write, listen, cook, create logos, strategize, entertain, make music, provide compassion, sell or teach.

Take a few moments and think about the gifts you are using and those which you are not using.

  • Which do you use to carry you and others forward?
  • Which are stalling you from moving forward?
  • What makes you uniquely brilliant?

Are you willing to use the natural gifts you have received?

Recently, I read this quote on Facebook, and it rings true to many people I know. “Meaning of life is to discover your gifts, and the purpose is to give them away”.

Here’s to Unleashing Your Inner Superstar”!