It Takes Courage to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!

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Life Lessons Learned at the Lady Gaga Concert

One way of Unleashing Your Inner Superstar is to play full out in life. I have been a fan of Lady Gaga for some time now. The “Ol Disco Queen” in me loves her dance music. I also personally admire her because she doesn’t hold back in life; she lives her name and “goes gaga.” So, when I learned she was coming to Chicago to play at Wrigley Field, I immediately jumped online to get tickets.

Fear Disguised as Practicality

I had heard and seen photos on social media that Lady Gaga’s fans, called “Little Monsters,” dress up in a variety of Lady Gaga’s costumes at her concerts. The thought of that seemed like so much fun to me. However, my inner critic was swirling in my head as to whether I should go to the concert in a Gaga costume. I thought, “Will anyone else (or anyone 56 years old) be wearing a costume? Dressing up is for young people, and I’ll embarrass myself.” I was feeling very self-conscious and very self-judgmental, but I couldn’t let it go. I couldn’t stop thinking, “What is stopping me from playing full out at the concert? What has stopped me many other times in my life, including this concert, were the erroneous rules that were made up for me by society, authority, family, friends and myself as to what I could or could not do. Dressing up wouldn’t be the adult, responsible, practical, right thing to do, right?” All this worry was fear disguised as practicality. How often do you talk yourself out of things you are really inspired to do?

Concert day came. As I dressed in my “regular” clothes, I felt disappointed. I felt disappointed with my plain outfit. I was disappointed in myself that I was chickening out on wearing the costume, and in other words, being true to how I wanted to show up that night: the flashy, outrageous, GoGaGa Lynn – my disco queen Inner Superstar. As the tears started to bubble up, I switched gears fast and listened to my heart. Out came the silver glitter, bling, spiked heels, leather and Gaga wig, of course. I was not going to disappoint Mother Monster, so I went for it full out, wig and all.

Mosh Pit or “Safe” Seats

Immediately upon entering Wrigley Field, I was bombarded by people who wanted to take their picture with me as “Lady Gaga.” All I heard was “You go Girl,” “Love your costume,” “You’re beautiful,” over and over. I took in all the love, kind words and pure excitement from these strangers. Then came the miracle – a Wrigley Field staff member pulled me to the side and asked me (and even my husband) if we would like to stand in front of the stage. “What?” I thought it was some type of scam since this area is difficult to get tickets for no matter how much you pay, but she was genuine. She simply asked me, “Would you enjoy the concert at front stage?” Doubt set in again for me because this was so unbelievable and miracles like this only happen to others; not me. She was asking us to stand in the mosh pit. I’ve never been in a mosh pit. Am I too old for this? Will there be pushing/shoving during the entire show? Was she really telling the truth? In other words, should I just stay in my comfort zone of what I know and have always known – the “safe” seats. Or do I dare risk the mosh pit?” Sometimes saying “yes” to what you really want takes courage! I thought, “What would Lady Gaga do? Mosh Pit!!!”

We were whisked thru security, into an underground tunnel and walked to the very front of the stage with all the other dressed up Little Monsters. I was stage front BECAUSE I dressed up FULL OUT. All the Little Monsters in costume were recruited to stage front to support Lady Gaga in her performance. I fit right in! Another Little Monster overheard my husband say “I think we’re the oldest ones in this mosh pit.” The millennial turned to me, “You make all of us look better, and you lift us all to a higher standard. You are beautiful. Thank you.” A message from the heart. It’s not always easy to step into your true authentic self, but when you do, doors open and miracles can happen. Later that night, Lady Gaga told the audience “I love every single pain that made me who I AM.”

Are you playing full out in your life?

What I learned at this concert was that participating full out in your business, in your personal life or at a Lady Gaga concert, even with doubts, gives others permission to do the same for themselves. Your courage gives others courage. It opens doors to opportunities you never thought possible or perhaps even dreamed of. I shut down my negative self-talk, and followed my heart; and, as a result, ended up front row, center stage, having the time of my life because I took a chance and dared to be ME. Lady Gaga was the first woman to headline Wrigley Field that night, and I may have been the first 56 year-old woman to impersonate her standing in the mosh pit!

That night, Lady Gaga performed full out, gave us everything she had for the entire show for all her fans, her Little Monsters. It was a night of inspiration, music, dance, love, fun, and compassion for all. Truly, an uplifting experience! That night I sang, I screamed, I danced, I laughed, I cried and I looked Lady Gaga right in the eye as she sang to me, “You Were Born this Way Baby!” I Unleashed my Inner Superstar. Here’s to Unleashing Yours!