The Power That Comes from Asking for Help

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“Won’t you please, please help me!
–Help, The Beatles

Help by the Beatles was the first song I learned to sing and play on the guitar. I performed it at a guitar recital when I was 10 years old. Back then, for me, it was a fun, catchy tune, but nothing more; now, the song’s lyrics resonate with me and my life more than ever.

In part, that resonance is due to the memories evoked by the new movie Yesterday, a fantasy rom-com tribute to classic Beatles tunes. I actually met the star of the movie, Himesh Patel (who plays Jack); he is dating my husband’s cousin.

That long-ago recital is one of those movie-evoked memories. I was so anxious about playing on stage—even though only parents filled the audience! In my nervousness, I started with the words to the second verse instead of the first. As I continued through the song ready to sing the second verse I stopped in shock. I knew I had just sung those lines! I felt like I “ran out of words” and didn’t know what to sing next.

I looked at the audience, fighting to hold back my tears, and asked, “Can I start over?”

“YES!” all the parents were quick to yell and clap in reply.

I took a deep breath and started the song over—with the correct first verse this time. I sang my heart out through the entire song.

The lesson I learned at 10 is that it’s okay to make mistakes and ask for a do over. Mistakes are not the end, only the beginning of learning. Sometimes, you have to re-start a blog, a project, or your life. YES, you can start over any part of your life, at any time.

The most recent lesson I’ve learned is that I always thought asking for help meant that I was weak, or not smart enough. What I’ve come to realize is that asking for help is how a person becomes stronger and more successful. If you want to succeed in any area of your life, at some point you will need help—and will be better off for the asking of it.

“When I was younger, so much younger than today
I never needed anybody’s help in any way
But now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured
Now I find I’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors.”

Take a listen to my favorite Beatles song:

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