GoGaGa Now!

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GoGaGa to Achieve Greater Success

“GoGaGa” means experiencing an “excessive degree of enthusiasm” (the actual definition of Going Gaga). Perhaps you’ve gone “gaga” over a celebrity, gone “gaga” on a crush, or gone “gaga” during an exhilarating rock concert. Maybe, it was while you were fulfilling a lifelong dream. This was when I went “gaga.” When you “GoGaGa,” you feel as if you are on top of the world; like you can do anything. GoGaGa and you will discover the secret to jumpstarting an amazing life filled with rewards of all types.

Looking for More? Then, Jump! It’s Worth the Risk!

After a corporate career and a 17-year career as a time management consultant, I’ve learned that we don’t have to wait for that moment to magically appear. You can actually create that magical life you desire in your dreams. My journey to pursue the life of my dreams was not exactly easy. However, as a natural-born planner, I needed some type of plan. For me, it was unchartered territory, and I had no frame of reference for such a leap. So, with a leap of faith, I jumped. As I followed this new journey, I documented it. Afterwards, I realized I had created a step by step formula which led me to a life filled with deeper passion, higher performance and unwavering courage. And, it worked! If I can do it, so can YOU!

Get Outrageous Because Outrageous Goals Reward You with Outrageous Outcomes

The first two letters of the GoGaGa formula are “Go,” which stands for “Get Outrageous.” If you’re like Lady Gaga, it can mean wearing a dress made of raw meat. In my mind, it’s more than that. “Get Outrageous” means to challenge your limits by setting goals that seem impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect. When you Get Outrageous, the success you achieve, no matter how big or small, is more rewarding and more fulfilling than ANYTHING you have achieved before.

You see, there’s a part of you that KNOWS that you are capable of SO MUCH MORE in business and life. That’s the part I’m talking about now. That’s the part of YOU who I am talking to right now.

To get started, pick a goal you REALLY want to achieve, that would make the biggest difference in your business or your life right now. Really stretch yourself and make it OUTRAGEOUS. It doesn’t have to be a dress made of raw meat. It doesn’t have to be done at the level I achieved; it can be bigger or smaller. Define your own outrageous, whatever it may be and however small or large. As you do, keep this in mind, “Outrageous goals reward you with outrageous outcomes.”

Decision is the First Step in Transformation.

What have you decided to transform? It is okay to feel scared or not feel ready. The truth is that you’ll never really FEEL ready to do something you fear. Bravery comes after taking action; not before. You just have to DECIDE that you are going for it. Take a deep breath, and say, “HERE I COME, WORLD!” If you don’t know how to achieve your outrageous goal yet, do not worry. I will teach you the rest of the GoGaGa formula in future posts.

Here’s to Unleashing Your Inner Superstar!