The Unexpected Effect of Pursuing Your Dreams

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“Dream on, dream on, dream until your dreams come true.” – Aerosmith

What dream is in your heart? What have you always wanted to experience, do, desire, create, or have?

I’ve found that my most passionate dreams, my most fervent desires, have been with me since childhood. I just needed to say yes to pursuing those dreams. I didn’t have the courage to follow my dream of performing on stage as a singer/guitar player, and now as a keynote performer, until I was in my 50’s. I had finally come to a point in my life where, if I didn’t go for that dream, I would forever have regrets.

In pursuing my dream of being on stage, what I learned (and didn’t expect) is that: I love the person I’ve become in the process of pursuing this outrageous dream/goal.

When you do something you didn’t think you could do, whether it be in your work or a passion outside of your work, you experience a feeling of empowerment, fulfillment, fun, and excitement—and then you bring that to every part of your business and life.

I am shocked at what I have been able to create and accomplish since committing to my dreams. I didn’t know I had the capability in me until I started down the path. You will have experiences you never thought possible. Your desires will move you in directions you never expected in a million years. I didn’t expect that in telling others about my journey, it would inspire them to follow their dreams and accomplish the extraordinary.

So, aim for the outrageous goal, and I invite you to measure your success, not by whether you achieve the outrageous goal, but by the person you’ve become in the process.

Your heart will always lead you exactly to where you need to be. Your dream is unique to you, so no one can achieve it the way you will. Get started now, because as Steven Tyler sings, “Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away”. Take a listen:

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Are you booking speakers for your group or meeting? After not singing a note for 35 years – in a moment of madness – I answered an ad to be a singer in a Rock’n’Roll band… and got the gig. I share my story about how stepping out of my comfort zone and getting a little outrageous has changed my life.

I want everyone I reach to experience the same transformation through the “GoGaGaTM” process I’ve developed to help attendees Unleash THEIR “Inner Superstar” and realize that it’s never too late to bust through their fears to perform at levels they never thought possible. My talk takes people from “I can’t” to “I can” in 45 to 60 minutes – with my special brand of entertainment with a message. Click here to download my speaker one-sheet, and book me for your next event.